You’ve seen the Show now it’s your chance to Treasure Hunt!!

Storage auctions provide an opportunity to purchase large amount of items at a very reasonable cost.

When:     Saturday, January 21st at 12:00 pm

Where:    Gate # 3, 1010 Derwent Way, Delta BC

Who:       Open to the Public

Approximately 10+ Storage Units up for auction! Lien sale auction of unpaid storage units and their contents.



  1. 1.No one enters the storage unit. You can step up to the door, but not go into the unit. You are allowed to look and smell, but not touch.

  2. 2.All sales are final and paid in cash immediately following auction of the unit. At that time you will be given a receipt, with the unit number.

  3. 3. If you purchase a unit, you are responsible for keeping it secured until it is emptied.

  4. 4.All units must be cleaned out completely by Sunday, January 22nd by 12:00 pm

  5. 5.If you purchase a unit, you are responsible for cleaning it out completely.

  6. 6.All moving blankets and equipment in the units belong to GALAXY Moving & Mobile Storage and are not part of the sale.

  7. 7.The auction will start promptly at 12:00 pm on Saturday January 21st and only stops when all units are sold.

  8. 8.There is a 15%administrative fee on all sales. Please keep this in mind if you buy a locker for $100 it will be $115 + HST.

  9. 9.Please no profanity!!

  10. 10.No alcoholic beverage or smoking is allowed on property at any time!

  11. 11.Everyone is to maintain a professional code of conduct towards everyone attending the auction. If you can’t adhere to these rules, you will be asked to leave.

Moving & Mobile Storage


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Rules of the Auction


Moving & Mobile Storage

Saturday, January 21st 2012 at 12 Noon

The Auction Process

Be sure to arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. The auctioneer will gather the bidders and explain the auction procedure and ground rules to everyone. Then the first mobile storage unit is opened and the bidders will have a few minutes to peer into it, without going inside, opening any boxes, or touching anything inside the unit. The storage auction is a “live” or “verbal” auction.

Once the bidding is complete, the winning bidder must pay $50 cleaning deposit  in addition to his bid and collects a unit tag. They then may secure the unit with his or her own padlock. The auction then moves on to the next unit in the warehouse.

Once all the auctions are complete, the winning bidders meet with the auctioneer to pay for their bids and complete the auction paperwork. The storage facility will collect a cleaning deposit, which will be returned to you when you have emptied the storage locker and left it broom-swept so that it is ready to be rented to a new tenant.

You will have till 9 pm on Saturday January 21st and from 9 am-12 noon on Sunday January 22nd to clean and remove all items from your unit.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What to Bring

  1. Photo ID

  2. Cash

  3. Flashlight

  4. Padlock

  5. Work Gloves

  6. Large Truck