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Glossary of Moving Terms

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap- Cushioning cover used for packing delicate or fragile items.

Blanket Wrap- Quilted coating used to cover and protect furniture during transportation.

Bill of Lading- The contract between a consignor and the moving company for the relocation of goods.

Carrier-The moving company being used.

Carrier Packed / PBC- Contents are packed by the moving company.

Consignee- The receiver of the goods.

Consignor- The person at the initial pick-up address of the goods.

Customs Clearance- The regulations and procedures for entry of goods across an international border.

Declared Value- The dollar amount assigned to the total goods, as assessed by the consignor.

Flat rate- A single fixed fee for a specific service.

Four Cube- 18’x15’x20’ box, ideal for linens, pots, toys and large, light items.         

Full Replacement Value Coverage- Extended coverage to protect goods for their full replacement amount.

Full Service Move- The carrier does the entire relocation.

International Move- A relocation that requires crossing a national border.

Line-haul Charges- Basic cost for long distance moves, calculated by the distance and the weight of the shipment.

Long Carry- A fee charged when the mover is required to haul goods for more than a typical distance.

Mobile Container- A storage crate that is easily transported.

Piano Skid- A sled like apparatus designed to cradle a piano or organ during transport pianos.

Sealing Tape- A heavy-duty adhesive with a polypropylene backing used to secure boxes and packages.

Standard Coverage- Basic insurance, referring to the amount of money received per pound of damaged goods.

Storage Extension Coverage- Addition insurance provided by the moving company or an insurance agent for goods being stored.

Storage-in-Transit (SIT)- Temporary storage of goods pending transportation.

Third Party Services- Assistance arranged by the moving company, including heavy duty cranes, barges, cleaners etc.

Two Cube- 18’x15’x12’ box for  books, plates, glassware and small pictures.

Wardrobe Carton- 20’x24’x45’ box with hanger bar for clothing.

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