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Self Storage vs. Mobile Storage

Large multi-story warehouse buildings, or long rows of storage garages, these are the thoughts that conjure in our minds when we think about storage. A private little garage you rent and lock up your belongings. Nowadays more and more people are turning to mobile storage units, or pods to store their belongings. Storage pods take containerized shipping, one of the most important innovations in the 21st Century, and bring it to residential consumers. In this article we compare traditional storage facilities and portable storage containers.

Renting and driving a Truck

Let’s begin with the initial step to storing belongings. Traditionally you required a truck to move into storage. In large, urban cities such as Vancouver, this often meant renting a truck in order to move your stuff to the storage facility. With portable storage, no rental truck or driving is required. The storage unit is brought to your home or office, packed at your location and then stored at the storage warehouse.

Time and Efficiency

Both mobile storage containers, and traditional storage facilities require the storage units to be loaded. An important difference is the goods are only loaded once with portable storage containers. The furniture is loaded into the pod at the client's home or office, as opposed to traditional storage facilities where the furniture is loaded into the truck, then off-loaded into the storage facility. Vice-versa when redelivery occurs. Handling the furniture less means a lower chance of damage to the goods.

Efficiency is a huge advantage that portable storage units have over traditional storage companies. Mobile storage is a timesaving means of storage.

Storage Facilities

In terms of amenities there are few differences when comparing Mobile Storage Facilities and Traditional Storage Buildings. Both are sprinklered, climate controlled and secure. Portable storage facilities are often more secure because they are employee only access facilities.


Mobile Storage has advantages over traditional storage facilities, not having to rent or driving a moving truck, the time saved of loading the contents only once. It is likely that going to the storage facility will soon be a thing of the past. The ease, and convenience of portable storage makes it the most practical form of storage.

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