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What is Portable/Mobile Storage?

Mobile or portable storage container pods are an innovative storage solution with many benefits and advantages over traditional storage facilities.

Storage containers, ranging in sizes from 6x8 square feet to 8x30 square feet  are brought  directly to the home or office and are loaded at that location. The ability to bring the containers to the clients location, means, the storage companies contents are handled only once during loading, and once during the final unload. With traditional storage facilities, the furniture is handled up to six times; loading of the moving truck, unloading of the moving truck at the storage facility, loading of the storage unit, unloading of the storage unit, reloading of the moving truck, and unloading of the moving truck. Portable storage eliminates moving the furniture to and from a storage unit.

Once the containers are loaded they are brought back to the storage facility where
they are stacked and stored, for any period of time.

The container and its contents are delivered and unloaded at the location of the clients choosing.

Residents and businesses in the lower mainland are finding more and more reasons to use portable storage containers. Here are a few of the uses clients of Galaxy Moving and Mobile Storage have found to use portable storage containers.

Moving downtown Vancouver or downsizing.

Moving to a smaller condo, apartment or house, or just need to de-clutter your current living space? Galaxy’s portable storage units are more affordable than traditional storage units, and much simpler as Galaxy moving professionals handle and load your belongings into the storage container that best fits your needs. You only pay for the space you use. Your assets are stored for short or long periods of time, and once you are ready for your container, we deliver and unload the contents where ever you want.

Renovating, downsizing or moving offices.

While your office is being renovated or you are moving to a new location, Galaxy mobile storage, stores your important office equipment with no added stress to you or your staff. We take care of the loading of the container as well as the unloading. So whether your storage needs are for a short time or permanent we have an affordable, efficient system individualized for your business.

Seasonal Storage

Holiday decorations, or seasonal sports equipment can take up precious space. Ordering a portable storage unit for the square footage you require can make your home feel more organized and clean. Galaxy’s current client list includes international winter sports teams who store their sports equipment in mobile storage containers in Vancouver during the off season.

Relators and House staging

If you are a staging a home, mobile storage containers provide an easy and convenient way to temporarily store excess house hold items.

Living Abroad or doing a home exchange

If you are doing a house exchange or moving overseas, you will benefit from the flexibility of temporary or long-term storage that Galaxy Storage company provides.

Moving and Storage Has Never Been Simpler

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